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Mini Nano Fog Mist Sprayer

Mini Nano Fog Mist Sprayer

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1. Comprehensive Care for Skin. This oxygen injector can not only hydrate skin, but also deeply cleanse it, promote the absorption of cosmetics, smooth fine line, brighten skin tone, finally 100% rejuvenating the skin.

2. Skin Hydrating Function. Can atomize water into nano particles to reach deep skin and restore its moisture. As a 100% scientific treatment, it follow cellular growth law to effectively add vitality to skin cells.

3. Skin Cleaning Function. 160 kpa of high pressure is used to effortlessly sweep away stubborn dirt & oil and promote absorption. It is perfect for oily and dull skin to retrieve their brightness and lustre.

4. Nutrient Importing Function. Facial mask, toner, essence.. It can be used to double the absorption of cosmetics and save their required amount. You needs merely 2 drops of a liquid cosmetics to finish a whole-face spraying.

5.100% Evolved Using Experience. We specially adopt an ultra-small nozzle to ensure a fine spray, an additional large tank to ensure uninterrupted spraying, and frosted metal texture to ensure its comfortable hand feel.

6.More than Oxygen Injecting. Tattoo, makeup, manicure, cake, painting, handiwork...You can use the injector to color countless things, adding much more joy and convenience to your daily life.


1.Load the tank onto the machine.
2.Fill it with some water.
3.Rotate the knob to adjust spray volume.
4.Push back the paddle to enjoy.


1. Do not use the product when charging it.
2. To avoid bacterial pollution, it is recommended to clean the product with warm water or alcohol before use.
3. Do not add any cosmetics other than liquid ones. High-concentration product must be diluted with mineral water.
4. To avoid nozzle clogging, every time you finish spraying you should:

  • pour out the remaining liquid in the tank;
  • add clean water and spray it (until there’s no spray coming out);
  • spray air to completely dry the tank.


Item Type: Oxygen Injector
Rated Voltage: 6-7.4V
Power Supply: USB 5V
Air Pressure: 160kPa
Battery Capacity: 800mAh
Charging Time: 1-2 Hours
Using Time: 60 Minutes
Weight: 260g
Size: 15*10.5*4.3cm/5.9*4.1*1.7in

Product Include:

1 * Main Machine
2 * Water Tank
1 * USB Cord
1 * Manual
1 * Box




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